1.Company “Drapaki Rufi Barbara Kosma-Zamarlik” grants :




24 months (2 years) guarantee and assumes full responsibility for:

-All screw connections, flanges, struts ceiling

-Defects in covert and overt, which emerged during the guarantee period and are the results of poor workmanship or defective materials used



24 months (2 years ) guarantee for all of the varnished surfaces in cat trees of the exclusive and aviaries series, taking over responsibilities for 

-Defects in covert and overt, which emerged during the guarantee period and are the results of poor workmanship or defective materials used



2.Validity of the guarantee is calculated from the date of shipment and examined under attached to the product warranty card.


3.Upholstery, sisal rope and sisal mat are operation supplies 

which subject to consumption. Wear and tear can not be the basis of complaints and warranty benefits.


4.The guarantor in the case of the acceptance and recognition of the complaint commints to repair or replace the defective item within up to 7 working days of delivery of the product for repair (Guarantor reserves the possibility of differences in the shades of the used materials).


5.In case of malfunction or damage of the product, immediately send the complaint to the E-mail adress: [email protected] accompanied by a description of the damage and photos of the damage and scan of the warranty card.  The initial filing of the complaint can be made by calling: +48.783966753.





The company “ Drapaki Rufi Barbara Kosma-Zamarlik” launches free extended warranty program :


1.     Free repair/replacement of the damaged pole for 48 months ( 4 years ) 

(damaged pole is considered as a completely intersection of a minimum of three coils and their detachment from the pole)



2.     Lifetime extended warranty for screw connections, mounting flanges and other connections found in the products.


After the warranty period, the customer shall bear all costs associated with the delivery of the damaged and repaired products. 



3.     Damage should be reported by phone or E-mail to a customer service of “Drapaki Rufi Barbara Kosma-Zamarlik” company (after confirmation of acceptance by the office) damaged pole (poles) should be sent to: 


Drapaki Rufi 

Plac Kilińskiego 1

32-660 Chełmek,



4. Fixed, scrolled pole will be returned to the customer within a maximum of 3 days,


5. Each purchased scraper (scratching post pole) can be submitted for a maximum of twice in 48 months,


6. The company “Drapaki Rufi Barbara Kosma-Zamarlik “ reserves the right to change the terms of the program, but all products purchased during the period of its duration will be covered by it for a period of 48 months from the date of purchase.